One of our group challenges during Bootcamp was to produce an original webapp from start to finish. There were a few criteria regarding API, authentication, plus the usual proof of teamwork requirements.

We elected to create a peer betting application. AS far as applications go, it was relatively simple, but throw in group dynamics, ambition, and time pressure – and you have yourself a challenge!

Our betting application – Betti, after my cat – was built upon Node, with Express, MySQL database, and Sequelize as an ORM. the frontend was created with Bootstrap, JavaScript, Handlebars templates. We added postman for sending emails to the site users when a bet status changed, and also Passport.js for the authentication middleware.

There were a lot of moving parts the team had to tackle and we worked to the last minute, we did have continuous deployments setup on Heroku with a pipeline linked to GitHub and some pretty serious Version Control rules in place – so there certainly were no last minute stresses or accidents!

Overall I enjoyed Betti so much I have started working on a MKII which is more in line with my original vision and built upon a MERN stack. There is no doubt though, teamwork makes the dreamwork.

  • MySQL
  • node.js
  • Express
  • npm
  • CSS / Bootstrap
  • Handlebars
  • Javascript
  • Google calendar
  • Heroku
  • Postman
  • Travis CI / linter


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GitHub – JayArghArgh/Project-2
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