Finally the day has arrived! The surveyor-toolbox has been uploaded to the Python Package Index and is available for download and install.

A few notes

  • For a good number of reasons it’s good practise to operate in a virtual environment. My preferred Integrated Development Environment (JetBrains PyCharm) handles this for me. It’s no different when installing this toolbox.
  • Still definitely a beta release. There’s a lot of plans, a lot of tools to add (area calculations, linework, polygons etc), and no doubt, some bugs and inconsistencies to address.
  • I’m receptive to all feedback – if you tell me this sucks then it sucks. If you tell me this sucks “because of” then I might just be able to make it suck less!
  • This isn’t for everyone 🙂 Not a lot of people are going to find it useful, hopefully someone does! My main motivation for creating this is so I don’t have to copy / paste, rewrite my code every time I start a new project that utilises these features. If YOU find a use for it, that’s great, I’m glad I can help and I’d love to hear from you and how you implemented this!

Installation is a breeze:

pip install survey-toolbox
Installing the Survey Toolbox
pip install survey-toolbox==0.0.3
Installing the Survey Toolbox – version specific

The project is hosted

At Github

and at PyPi

Next week – let’s build a real simple text based game using this toolbox – I guarantee you’ll be excited by it and some of the cool little features I’ve added to it! And then – we’ll look at some more practical examples for it.