The old blog – it had some great content on it, I downloaded this to change hosts, Dell came to fix my laptop, inadvertently wiped my hard drive – alas blog is gone – but that’s fine, it is time for new beginnings anyhoo! The last time I wrote a post I’d finished another micro-course in web development and was about to get busy at university with a degree in IT focussing on programming. I guess you’re keen to see how that all panned out huh?!

A collection of books. A little time. A lot of learning.
Photo by Kimberly Farmer / Unsplash

Uni is Uni; it’s long, slow, requires a lot of time and money – I have a lot of respect for those that want to persevere with that in-depth knowledge but for me, the courses were too slow, too basic, and no immediate rewards; ie after a semester of Introduction to Programming, I knew a fair bit of theory but hadn’t built anything except a text based game. For a 40+ year old dude wanting to transition to a career in IT this just was not fast enough. So after a few semesters and about eight intro level subjects (>$16k of being told to suck eggs really) I took a break and enrolled in a coding Bootcamp at a different Uni (Monash). I’m not professing to be a wizard but after six months of that I can do a heck of a lot more cool and practical stuff than 6 months at Uni – we’ll get to that in a few later posts though. I’m still at Uni, my break is over and I’ve thankfully been bumped up to a more challenging enrolment.

Why add a blog to the list of #TODO’s? I once read that keeping a journal or blog of what you have learned was a great way to reinforce what you’d learnt, a great way to prove your understanding, and also a great way to help others. And it’s true. I missed my blog during Uni and Bootcamp – I was just way too busy at the time, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t the time now to catch up on all that reinforcement!

I’ve plenty to discuss, argue, and question from the last two years, and I’m sure as I study towards an MBA whilst still trying to transition from a spatial career to a more tech-focussed career, I won’t be lacking content – only time!