The last year has been exceptionally busy for me! Graduated from RMIT with a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration. Very happy about that, I’m unsure if I want to continue with the full MBA at this stage. The entire time I was studying I felt too far away from my code and content creation.

I also started a new job five months ago as a Spatial Developer, I use Python and JavaScript (raw and React) daily – so that makes me pretty damn happy! The Bootcamp course definitely paying for itself now.

Other than that, concentrating on personal fitness and learning c++ so I can create some games – that’s where my passion is and hopefully it’s not too late in life to head in that direction.

As far as the blog goes, decided to switch back to WordPress from – I won’t get too in-depth for why, but the TLDR is that Ghost didn’t have the features I need without additional cost (additional – as in, on top of what I was already paying for it).

The old articles have been brought across but I still need to sift through and format them for readability.

Anyway – it’s good to be writing again, I’ll publish something more in-depth this week.